How to use Chat GPT.

Hello friends, today our topic is about a great software which has made the whole world crazy in a few days. Yes friends, we are talking about Chat GPT. Today’s world is digital, you know it very well and in today’s era of internet and technology, inventions keep happening somewhere or the other. Inventions will continue to happen, but for a few days now a name Chat GPT which is in great discussion, friends would like to tell you that Chat GPT has created a stir in the Internet world in a few days and friends, if you are also a smart and Android mobile If you use the phone, it will be very important for you to hear the word Chat GPT because it can be very useful for you, so friends, let us know in detail about Chat GPT and also we will know how it is used. Like if you download Chat GPT in your smartphone, then you should not make any mistake in using it.

Friends, for your information, we would like to tell you that for the last several days people have been searching a lot for Chat GPT because this software is very useful, would like to tell you that this is a software on which you can answer any kind of questions You can get the answer very easily and accurately and that too in a pinch. Would like to tell you that any question can be received from GPT but we can get the answer by writing it on GTP chat. Would like to tell you that Chat GPT also works as a search engine like Google. There is a lot of curiosity among the people regarding the new software GPT Chat.

Ok friends, you must have been very happy to know about this and now the question must have come in your mind that how to use this Chat GPT, then we are going to tell you in this article that how you can use Chat GPT. If you can, friends, stay tuned with our today’s article in which we are going to tell you how you can use Chat GPT.

So friends, first of all, we would like to tell you what to do first to use Chat GPT, then friends, understand this article carefully, so that if you also want to use Chat GPT in your smart Android phone, then you will not have to do any If there is no problem, then friends, first of all, to use Jet GPT, you have to go to its official website and create an account. And after that you can use your chat GPD very easily.

See friends, the most interesting thing is that people are having a lot of fun using this new software because so far no charges have been imposed for using Chat GPT, nor for creating an account. For this you will have to pay any kind of fee. Friends Chat GPT is now available for you to use absolutely free of cost.
Friends, if you also want to use or use chat GPT, then first of all you have to turn on the internet data in your mobile phone, after that you have to open any browser that you use on your phone.

After this, now you have to open the official website of in the browser of your mobile phone.
And friends, now your last step will start your chat GPT absolutely free. It means to say that now you will see both login and signup options on the home page of the website.

So see friends, when you see two options sign up and login on your home page, then you have to click on the sign up option only. And friends have to do this because if you are using it for the first time or creating your account for the first time then you will have to click on the sign up option only.

And friends, here you can create your account with your Microsoft account, Gmail ID or email ID.
But friends, if you want to create your account with Gmail ID, then be careful that to create an account with Gmail ID, select the option of Continue with Google.

And after that select any Gmail ID you want to use to create an account.
And friends, now a new page will open in front of you where you will have to enter your name and click on the continue button.
Friends, whatever mobile number you have entered while signing up, you will get a one time OTP on that and you will have to verify your mobile number by entering that number here.

And after the mobile number is verified, your account will be created on Chat GPT so that how easy it is to create your Chat GPT account and now you can use Chat GPT very easily and answer the questions you want easily and on holidays Can get it.

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