In how many colour options is the Ford Escape SUV made available in?

See, if we talk about Ford Automobile Company, then it is one of the best selling cars in the world, would like to tell you that Ford’s cars are included in the list of the world’s best selling cars, out of this, if we are in India too, Ford Talking about cars, it is one of the best-selling cars and with which America’s leading automaker Ford is about to launch its new model Escape Hybrid 2023 equipped with great features. Which is going to be a very luxurious and luxury car,

for your information, would like to tell that there are many color options available in it, as you can tell, you are getting many color options in this and you can choose the best color option according to your wish. You can buy your car in the following colours: Agate Black Metallic, Anti Matter Blue Metallic, Bronze Fire Metallic, Carbonised Gray Metallic,

Desert Gold Metallic, Iconic Silver Metallic, Oxford White and Velocity Blue Metallic. Or an SUV car. Its engine is very good and powerful, would like to tell you that in this you are getting 2.5 L online for hybrid engine type and also if you talk about its power, then you would like to tell that you get 200 HP engine power in it. Which is capable of generating peak torque of 155 Nm.

In this new SUV, you are being given the number of four cylinders. You would like to tell that the new Ford Escape is making people very active with its good performance, but talk about its steering, then you would like to tell that you have been given a very good and good steering in it. Ford escape sub1 mehndi is looking great and looks very stylish car see it is a big size car would like to tell you that its length is 180.5 inches and width is 74.4 inches and its 65.9 inches and also its wheel The base is 106.7 inches. Friend, the new Ford Escape is a good and economical car, would like to tell you that this car is looking easy to many people today, to say that it is a strong car,

would like to tell you that whatever parts of the car are in the car Much more powerful and good quality say that if we talk about Umesh’s tyres, then its tires are very good and tubeless tyres, which is about the size of its tires P22/65 HR 17. Also, if we talk about the seating capacity of its passengers, then we would like to tell you that in the new Ford Escape you are being given 5 passenger seats, yes it is a 5 seater car. Talk about its doors,

its doors are quite different, meaning that its doors look much better and luxury than cars, as well as it is a four-door car. Ford Escape also attracts a lot of people with its great features because in Ford Escape you have been given amazing features which when you take advantage of them during your journey, your journey becomes memorable journey during that time. Is. And at the same time, Ford Escape is also a great car in terms of its safety,

would like to tell you that special care has been taken for the safety of passengers, let us tell you that in this you will get anti-lock braking, central locking system, child safety lock, electric door lock. The car is packed with great safety features like LED headlights, halogen head lamps, real seatbelts.

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