is web story dead

See if you also feel that the story is dead then it is not like that at all see the web story is not red now the algorithms have changed and also would like to tell you that the competition is high when you Google maps create a story which is your baby story which is visible in Google means when it appears in Google’s Discover page, it appears for some time, for some, it appears for 15 days,

is web story dead
is web story dead

for some, it is visible for a month. So it is not that that too story which is dead baby story means if we do not work with regularity as well as if we do work which is not methodical i.e. we who copy If you paste or take other content, then what is the story of the sister-in-law, which is down within a short time, if you also want the traffic of the story to remain or remain intact and keep coming together, then you have to work very hard. Need to do that means you will have to put a story of 50 to 60 regularly,

you can also earn a lot of money by targeting India,

when you do this, you will get 100% traffic as well as you will get money. Your traffic will continue to remain intact i.e. Baby Sun traffic will continue to come from the cover and you will not have to face any problems. You will have to do regular work, when you do this, your web story will start going viral and at the same time it will not only earn you good money, but you can also earn a lot of money by targeting India, just you I will also have to do redirection through the story on your blog when you do this, you will start generating a lot of money.

As you may know, the web story that has been launched has been launched by Google, which is visible in the disk and section, this function works very well, which you can see in the web. By creating a story, you can earn a lot through Ads van and Google can give traffic to it,

traffic can easily be brought organically through Discover

because of the story, millions and crores of traffic can easily be brought organically through Discover. Can on your website, which you will get to see very well, if we talk about how much real time it can reach, then at the same time we would like to tell that its real time can reach in a very dangerous way i.e.

You can bring this real time till tomorrow easily on your blog i.e. through website you can access baby story in real time till 1000 then this poem everyday which traffic down that web story which traffic down It also happens because of the sting,

that is, sometimes there is a lot of traffic here. If there is a posting, then whatever it is, it crashes, whenever it crashes, then you can assume that you have a lot of traffic, it comes down when your traffic comes down a lot, then you can assume that You will have to face that your earning will also become zero.

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