The drastic drop in web story impressions and rankings

Do you guys also make a story and they also earn money from the story at the same time we would like to tell you that interest base Nahi Hota hai, yeh bhi story on different things If we make then our impression and ranking comes down in a huge amount, see a baby story which is a short term way to earn money as well as would like to tell the feature of baby story book which is launched by Google i.e. in the door Google’s Story was also relaunched,

The drastic drop in web story impressions and rankings
The drastic drop in web story impressions and rankings

although it would have come many years ago, for some reason, Dezo was closed, but now Google Web Story is being promoted by Google itself, look at it very well, if Sometimes you will make a different topic, then your impression and the traffic which is completely down,

you will get a lot of traffic

why this happens because we do not work on the interest base of people, when we do this, there is a huge amount of traffic. which falls then we want to tell you that if you want to work then you do idle work and as well as you keep original content and create content of hot slide and also she has been publishing stories five to six times in whole day 50 to 60 web story if you make daily If you are, then you will get a lot of traffic, your impression will come in million hundred so that you will not have any kind of problem,

know the meaning of coming from the discover.

and at the same time, you are going to get a lot of benefits, that too through the story, which is considered to be a very good feature. Is for the short term, that is, you will get everything to read through the Google site, whatever you want to convey to the people, which is the traffic that comes from the disc cover, then you will know the meaning of coming from the disc cover.

There is a lot of traffic, that is, money will rain if you work on it well, then you would like to tell that you work well on what you have and at the same time work on a good topic like From which people search, work on the topic in the same way, if you work on the trending topic, then your story is doubled. Ra lagi but be it on the second or third day or your traffic will start down completely as well

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