Which is bigger Tesla 3 or Y?

In terms of total size, the Tesla Model Y is a little bigger than the Model 3. The Model 3 is a mid-size sedan, whilst the Model Y is categorised as a small crossover SUV.

The two vehicles’ dimensions are as follows:

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Tesla Model Y:

187 inches long
75.6 inches wide
63.9 inches tall
Rolling radius: 113.8 inches
Weight at curb: 4,416-4,841 lbs.

Tesla Model 3:

184.8 inches long
72.8 inches wide
56.8 inches tall
113.2 inches is the wheelbase.
Weight at curb: 3,627–4,072 lbs.

Both vehicles provide comparable features and technology, including Tesla’s cutting-edge autopilot system and long-range electric motor, despite the Model Y being somewhat bigger than the Model 3.

The Model Y and Model 3 have a similar base and a lot of the same technology, such the same battery pack choices and electric powertrain. Due to its greater size and SUV body type, the Model Y, as opposed to the Model 3, has a number of benefits.

The Model Y’s larger load room is one of its main features. Compared to the Model 3’s trunk area of 15 cubic feet, the back seats can be folded down to give up to 68 cubic feet of cargo room. The Model Y is more adaptable and competent on difficult roads thanks to its wider rear door and increased ground clearance.

The Model Y’s optional third-row seating is another perk that makes the vehicle

Along with having many of the same cutting-edge technologies as the Model 3, the Model Y also has a long-range electric motor, a huge touchscreen display, and Tesla’s Autopilot sophisticated driver assistance system. The Long Range, Performance, and Standard Range variants of the Model Y are among the several trim options that are offered.

Nevertheless, compared to the Model 3, the Tesla Model Y provides a bigger and more adaptable SUV body shape while keeping many of the same cutting-edge features and technologies.

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